European Union Is Fed Up Of Somaliland Administration( Abdi-Shotaly).

Tuesday March 05, 2019 - 14:11:53 in Articles by Hadhwanaag News
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    European Union Is Fed Up Of Somaliland Administration( Abdi-Shotaly).

    My dear readers of British People, I want to convey you the worst report that ever wrote from Somaliland by the British Government, under the top

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My dear readers of British People, I want to convey you the worst report that ever wrote from Somaliland by the British Government, under the top heading of " Somaliland Lost Its Momentum Of Democratic Process". As you know,A Group of U.K Parliamentary Members (MPs) and British Ambassadors of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia headed by the Junior secretary of U.K Overseas Minister, has gone in Somaliland in different times since last year, to over see what is going on there after long cry of its last Presidential Election. The report was published in Commons News Paper read by Mps who returned from Somaliland and here it is the Report.The Presidential election of Somaliland was completely fake, illegal, fraud and wasted the British financial support, together with European Union and other non-European countries in this small continent of Europe because of the following points:-

(a) All Six Regional governors were on-behalf of Kulmiye Party, to keep there jobs after the election. They were not supposed to count the ballot papers, but they honestly did it intentionally, because they are scary to loose their positions, if The National Party ( Wadani) succeeds to chair and win it.

(b) Children under 15 years old, were voting frequently in every where you go, some areas of the Capital Region ( Specially Gebiley Disrict) were between 9-12 old Children), its the base-home of Kulmiye Candidate ( who is the man in Chair now).

(c) It was a wonderfully unbelievable election and unfamiliar, the fraud that takes place in all regions. It was an amazing and embarrassed to see some so young children ( Under age kids) using the voting cards of died people ( they are holding the cards of their died relatives between The registration days and voting day).

(d) The Election Committee ( What they call Commission), was bribed by the both previous aged president ( The father of Corruption called Siilaanyo) and the current Soldier who called himself president of Somaliland, this so called Commission can not serve any more at the coming Local and Parliamentary Members ( MPs) elections, its very hard to trust them, because they are not fair simply. for that sake, that group of MPs and the junior Secretary of overseas U.K Minister, the Ambassadors of three neighbour's countries are advised to British Government, to stop their financial support of Somaliland Elections till they change the Election Committee, we have to put more pressure to do that with the help of our European friends. Changing the election committee is the only option we can trust and unless we do that Somaliland would be in chokes,

(e) The agenda of the recent meeting, that took place between prime minister of Ethiopia and the head of Somaliland in Addis Ababa, was a compromising one, It was thoroughly concerning, some arrangements of close relations that can be made to Somaliland becomes under the administration of federal Somalia, in which Mr Bihi and his friend Mr Kahin, accepted infront of prime Minister Abi of Ethiopia.

(f) All the heads and officers of policing, Military high ranks, Head of Somaliland High Court, Head Of Fire brigade are the clan of what they cal Rainbow Union Clan Members.

(g) All the Mayors and Regional Governors are either his sub-tribes or their Associated Rainbow clan, who are having ill-feeling from the clan of Opposition Leader Abdirahman Mohamed Abdilaahi.

(h) The Opposition leader of the National Party, also handed some comments to European representatives in Kenya, Ethiopia and other non-EU- countries in Europe. describing the mistakes did by the Election Committee, also the central administration of EU members ( Brussels), the Capital of Belgium is out cried from the series of allegations going on in that administration of Somaliland.

* In short the report was pinpointed how the U.K Government as well as EU Members are disappointed from the Kulmiye Administration and clearly gets annoyed and unhappy, with current situation that has created by this administration.

* N.B There Is A Feeling Of Corrupted Mongers in Somaliland.
By A.J.Ahmed

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