Somali language in General and Particularly Somaliland Dialect is in an Alarming State!!!! By Prof Abdi Ali Jama

(Hadhwanaagnews) Wednesday, December 06, 2017 20:49:53
Somali language in General and Particularly Somaliland Dialect is in an Alarming State!!!! By Prof Abdi Ali Jama

As we all know, the language spoken is not only the identity but also the vat that contains the culture, heritage, religion, values and long held convictions of any nation on this planet. In this piece, I would like to highlight the fact that Somali language in general and our dialect in particular is in danger of disappearing among the youngsters (our descendants), this, ipso fact, would obscure our identity, culture, history and our distinct way of life that distinguishes us from the rest of the world including other Muslims and Arabs, and sometimes other Somalis, let alone the western and


In my view, however, I would attribute the problem to several factors as following:

1-Technology: In this world of ever changing technology, the world is increasingly becoming more global. Internet and mobile phones consume entirely the time children would listen and interact with the elder people to learn language and history.

2- Somali literature and arts has been discouraged by the new subculture imported from Arabia.

3-Exposure to other dialects. Before Tvs and Youtube were introduced, Somalilanders were not exposed to other Somali dialects, but, now children experience and listen to other Somali dialects and this interferes and perverts Somaliland accent. For disclaim purpose, I respect all Somali dialects, but I am against mixing them up, for Somali language is richer when each dialect is kept separate.

4- Schools did not play their role in correcting and improving the quality of Somali language. British children watch and get exposed to lot of American films, however, the school corrects the deviation that would otherwise divert the British accent.

6-Parents did not play their role in identifying the problem and tackling it.

5-The Somali language has suffered severely since the collapse of the central government for so called defunct republic of Somalia that introduced Somali language effectively as official language in 1972. The Somali language made huge progress during that period.

Finally, I would recommend and urge all aforementioned stakeholders to stand up for this burning issue and tackle the challange before it is too late.

NB: Haddii aad is tidhaa waa maxay ninkan af-asomaliga ka hadlaya ee haddana ingiriisida wax ku qoraya waa gar dawse ma aha, maxaa yeelay waxan ku baaqi jiray markaan wasaaradda waxbarashada joogay siyaasad odhanaysa waa in aan soo saaro arday laba midigle ah; macnaha Af-somaliga iyo English-ka labadaba isku si u yaqaan. Markaa waa kolba ka aan ku hor bilaabo uun: English or Somali.

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